[43-7] Population Bubble / 人口泡泡, 2015

The question will not be what, but how to feed a population once it exceeds 10 billion in the next century. Since 1985, due to agricultural engineering advances, the earth has yielded more food than we can possibly consume – yet geopolitical structures continue to leave millions of people dying of starvation.

在下個世紀將面臨的問題不是當世界人口總數超過100億時人們要吃什麼,而是要如何提供食物給全球各地的人口。從 1985起,因為農業工程的進步,地球上所產出的食物已超過人類所能吃入的量,但是,地緣政治的結構卻持續的讓數百萬人口因為沒有食物可吃而死去。