[364-2] Drifting Ice Stations / 浮冰基地, 2016

Since the first such expedition in 1893, manned ships have been deliberately frozen in drift ice to study conditions in the Arctic Ocean.  Six ice drift missions are detailed twice, once in scale and then enlarged, transforming the Northern Hemisphere into the Arctic Circle.  The Tara Expedition is the most recent; in 2009 it ended a two year drift studying climate change in the Arctic.

自從1893年第一次進行了這樣的遠征考察後,研究人員便繼續的將有人駕駛的船隻凍結在漂流冰中,用來進行北冰洋的相關研究。在此透過兩種方式記錄六次的浮冰任務,一個標示著任務的規模,另外一個是放大的版本,將北半球轉變成北極圈。最近期一次的遠征是由塔拉探險隊(Tara Expedition)所執行,他們在2009年完成為期兩年針對北極氣候變化的研究。