[348-5] Shape of Science / 科學形態, 2012

This representation on a sphere is one of several prototypes of a tangible sculpture of the "Shape of Science," based on the research of Dr. Richard Klavens and Dr. Kevin Boyack, who through spatial and quantifiable means, identify the connectivities and relative flows of inquiry within the world of science. Version 3, similar to Version 1, identifies each of the 13 fields of science in a different way, stylistically. The names of the fields are then written along their border.

這個地球是根據理查德·克拉文博士(Richard Klavans)和凱文·博雅克博士(Kevin Boyack)的研究所創作的數個雕塑原型的其中一個,兩位博士透過空間和可量化的方式,指出科學領域之間的連接性和相對流動。第三個版本與第一個版本同樣的也將十三種科學領域個別指出,不過採用與之前不同的風格表現,將各個領域的名稱標示在邊界線上。