[322-2] Energy Generation / Consumption, 2016
The breadth of the bars represents the volume of regional energy consumption. From top to bottom the segments show the proportion of renewable, hydro, oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy sources. The vast majority of the world’s energy needs are now supplied by gas, coal and oil.

[322] Energy Generation / Consumption, 2011

87% of the world energy consumption is generated from fossil fuels (gas, coal, oil).  The rest is equally divided between nuclear (6%) and hydro energy (7%).  Alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and ocean wave/tidal power account for barely 0.1%. Only in Spain and Germany do these sources supply up to 1% of the total consumption. Breadth of bars indicate regional consumption volume.

Yellow-green: Nuclear - Black: Fossil - Blue: Hydro - Silver line: Alternative.