[30-3] CO2 Emissions / 二氧化碳排放, 1998

Between 1950 and 1986, annual carbon dioxide emissions have tripled. The principal source of these emissions is fossil fuel combustion, but natural gas flaring and cement production also contribute to the rising level. Carbon dioxide is the major cause of the Greenhouse Effect. Global shipping contributes about a billion tons of CO2, more than the entire economies of Germany or the UK. Moving goods by ship is 100 times more efficient than shipping by air.

每年的二氧化碳排放量從1950年到1986年驟增了三倍之多。化石燃料所產生的氣體佔排放總量的大部份,不過天然氣燃燒和水泥生產也是造成碳排放量提升的因素。二氧化碳是造成溫室效應的主因,而全球航運業每年平均造成約10億噸的二氧化碳排放量,超過整個德國或是英國一年的排放量。船運的效率比空運高100倍。 /