[247-3] Foreign Aid, 2012

Foreign aid does not just go to individual countries; entire regions often suffer conditions making them needy and susceptible to foreign aid.  Black lines, weighted proportionally to the amount of aid given in 2010,  originate in donor countries and terminate in aid receivers - countries covered in green.

[247-2] Foreign Aid, 2012

Varying weights of lines connect the major donor countries and their recipients, the line thickness denoting the amount of Foreign Aid given in 2010.  A cloud is cast over the relative band of recipients.  The United States gives almost three times more than the second most charitable country, the United Kingdom.

[247] Foreign Aid, 2004

Thicker lines drawn from captial to capital indicate aidflow in excess of66 million dollars per year. Thinner lines represent the 20 to 66 million bracket.  Smaller amounts have generally been ignored unless they represent a significant portion of the donor country's budget.