[175] Asteroid Impacts / 行星撞擊, 2001

The majority of asteroid impacts occur in the ocean with no record. Eugene Shoemaker of the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that every year a so-called impact event of the size of a nuclear bomb occurs, mostly without damage and noticeable only as a thunderclap and flash. A huge, 30km diameter undersea impact crater has been discovered in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. It must have caused a mega tsunami about 5,000 years ago.

大多數小行星撞擊發生在海洋中,並且沒有留下任何記錄。美國地質調查局的研究員尤金·舒梅克(Eugene Shoemaker)估計每年都會發生所謂的核彈大小的撞擊事件,除了形成雷霆閃電,大多數都沒有造成任何損壞。一個直徑30公里的巨大海底衝擊坑在馬達加斯加以東的印度洋被發現,此撞擊應該在五千年前造成了超級大海嘯。