[170-3] Solar System / 太陽系, 2009

This globe representing the size of the sun shows the respective size of the solar system's planets. Exoplanets (also called Extrasolar = in other solar systems) have been too small to be detected before 1992. Since then close to 4,000 have been discovered. 11 billion potentially habitable Earth-sized planets may exist in the Milky Way.

根據太陽系行星的相應大小,這個球體代表著太陽的大小。系外行星(也稱作太陽系外行星,指在太陽系之外的行星) 因為太小,所以到1992年才被偵測到。而在那之後,已又發現近4,000個。在銀河系中,可能存在著110億個適合人類居住地球般大小的行星。